Chris Blea


Chris Blea has over 14 years of experience as a QA/QC Welding Inspector in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries. He started his career as a QC Inspector for a high purity process piping contractor. This provided him the opportunity to gain experience in material inspection, weld inspection, and good documentation practices. After completing work on a capital project for a major biotechnology company, Chris moved into a QA Inspector position with a third-party inspection company. Working directly as an ownerโ€™s inspector for several biotech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area gave Chris additional experience and insight into the validation and installation qualification processes that are critical to getting a project approved. He joined High Purity Inspections, Inc. as the Lead Inspector and Operations Manager, with the goal of helping clients and contractors navigate the regulatory requirements related to high purity process piping material and welding inspections.

Chris currently holds a Certified Welding Inspector Certificate from the American Welding Society, with an ACCP Visual Testing endorsement from the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing.

Debbie Neihart- Bentley


Debbie Neihart- Bentley has been involved in the Pharmaceutical industry for more than 18 years. She worked in Regulatory Affairs for several companies in the Bay Area of California, and has owned and operated a Pharmaceutical/Biotechnology mechanical and process piping company for 16 years.

She formed High Purity Inspections in 2018 to provide independent, third party material inspection, weld process verification, and welding inspection and installation verifications.